Can filter out properties to return for each web request

Self-generating, navigable REST-like API documentation: services, methods, roles, header/form/path/query parameters, input/output MIME types, source/implementation method name, versioning, developer-generated comments from source

Automatic database creation

Automatic database DDL script creation

Database upgrade mechanism

Initial web setup page, accessible after installation is complete

Pluggable or customizable security mechanisms for authentication, currently supports

  • database password authentication
  • simple authentication using unique tokens via email, which sets browser token

Java method level (REST path) user authorization

Framework handles database logic for all models – just define the JPA entity models you need

Configurable to use Jetty or Tomcat

System-level REST-like API to allow admin/dev to

  • restart or shutdown the system
  • display the configuration
  • set/show system logging levels
  • view the system log

Currently supports JSON-formatted output


Currently, Inception directly relies on the following libraries and frameworks. Some libraries may or may not be actually used depending on the application configuration and requirements.